Download and Enjoy Sidebar Apk Multi-Tasking Application.


Ever wanted to gain quick and easy access to some application you most desired to. Without much stress you can gain access to a numerous amount of applications, you regard as your favorite with the aid of SIDEBAR application. Sidebar Apk is one brilliant multitasking and task management app on Android.

This application is very functional, fast and reliable, you need not worry about searching for your Android applications by scrolling through anymore, it is well customized to your pleasing. To enjoy the best features this application has to offer all it takes is for you to populate your Sidebar Apk with your favorite applications or whichever app that you so desire to add.

Swipe from the edge of the screen in order to make the SIDEBAR Apk visible then you can choose the application you wish to launch. Sidebar pro 4 4 0 Apk could be customized to your taste, you could either make it appear on the right side of the screen or on the left side, whichever choice that suits you better. This application is highly useful for phones at which has a bigger size, like your tablets and other smartphones.

sidebar apk
sidebar apk


Ever wondered what makes this application so fascinating? Now a brief description of the capabilities and features of this application would be highlighted.

  • It enables applications to run live with live indicators also. Enabling you to access several applications at the same time without quitting the application.
  • The use of Task Management is in order to get rid of running applications, by removing them. This could be done by swiping running applications out.
  • Now you can pin applications and toggles at the SIDEBAR and enjoy unlimited access. But you can only add as much as 8 applications maximum.
  • This application permits customization by its user, to either change size, opacity, and position in order to suit your desire.
  • This application starts running immediately as your phone gets turned on automatically.
  • It makes use of minimal battery life, so you need not get bothered by the fact that it may drain your battery life.
  • Notifications at which you would like to disable isn’t prohibited in this application, you can disable unwanted ongoing notification.

This application has two separate versions and some features highlighted already can only be manifested by the SIDEBAR Pro Apk version and not SIDEBAR LTE Apk version.



SIDEBAR PRO Apk version offers a huge variety of features.

  • There isn’t a limitation to how many applications or toggle can be added. It permits unlimited items.
  • To make the SIDEBAR visible one needs to swipe from the right.
  • Applications are add on the SIDEBAR runs live, you could use at any time you please.
  • The indicators in this application are always running live.
  • Enables you to carry out a Task Management process, remove applications from the SIDEBAR at which you are no longer in need of.
  • Enables you to Lock your items as you desire.
  • Grants you free access to full settings.
  • You can now adjust the width and at the same time the opacity of your SIDEBAR to your desired level.
  • You could also choose your color scheme in SIDEBAR pro, without limitations.
  • The ongoing notification could be disabled if you please.



Downloading SIDEBAR application shouldn’t be a complex task, means on how to download SIDEBAR APK application would be highlighted down below.

Visit This highlighted platform is a user-friendly website. Just search on your desired applications name and a result would be displayed, now you can download SIDEBAR application, and enjoy a fast and reliable multitasking management android application.



This process doesn’t require much steps or knowledge to get it accomplished. All that is required of you is to, click on the downloaded apk file, a request to install would be asked, now accept the request, an installation process would begin, after its complete, Open the application and customize, now you can enjoy quick access to your favorite applications.

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