EETV Movies Apk Download Now For Your Android Device

EETV Movies Apk

What do you mean by EETV Movies?

The term EE entered the television space a few years ago, trying and hoping to tempt its mobile and home broadband subscribers who wanted an upgrade with their existing services but did not want to splash out on a lengthy contract with Sky or Virgin Media. “eetv movie apk

Since then, EE has been bought by BT, but still, the mobile operator is committed to the fixed broadband and TV markets, carving out a niche of its own.

It is also true that the EE TV platform is not as comprehensive as some of its rivals have been or are, but it does have some best and unique features and also that it is cheaper than the competition. There are also benefits for anyone who takes out broadband or mobile deal with EE too.

EETV Movies Apk
EETV Movies Apk

Which are the channels associated with the EETV?

Talking in terms of channels on EE TV, we can say they are hybrid between Freeview and streaming services. You might be wondering what is the point of subscribing to a Pay TV service when all you get is free-to-air channels, but actually the value of EE TV is in the box and the features it enables, but more on that later.

There isa total of 70 completely free channels by your aerial as well as 11 HD channels which include high-definition versions of BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. And if you do not have an HD tuner in your television, this already represents an improvement.

The EE TV Box supports a vast number of catch-up TV, subscription streaming services and media applications. The BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 are on board, as you will find the YouTube, Deezer and live sporting action through BBC Sport, and reality television from Hayu and blockbuster movies from Rakuten TV.

Is the EETV any good to get it installed?

EETV Movies Apk

The EE TV allows you record up to four programmes at once and it’s possible to store up to 600 hours of standard definition or 300 hundred hours of high definition video.

You also get to nominate eight favourite SD channels, or six HD channels. You can also filter by genre, movies, drama or sport. This means that the EETV I just the right option to be used on the android device.

The EE TV also works its best with your smartphone or tablet and you get to watch live or recorded TV on four devices around the home simultaneously and seamlessly move between them.

In the EE TV App, you can also move a programme from a device to the big screen with a swipe and ‘fetch’ a show from the TV in the application menu. The app is also able to double up as a remote control, so you can browse the TV guide without interrupting other viewers, and you can also set remote record instructions when you are anywhere out and about.

Therefore, it is not at all a bad idea to get the EETV installed in to your mobiles or tablets.

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