Election App 2018 Elections – Online Voting Count by Election App

Election App 2018 Elections

Elections do happen very frequently and the after election result counting can be a headache and difficult kind of work to do. Thus the Results Application is one of the best application for counting the results of the election.

How the App works:

The counting of the election results will surely be easier with the use of this app. Get to meet the candidates for the 2019 elections in one place. Hence it becomes for anyone to choose their favorite candidate and mark them. So that at the time of the election, they can easily side list them and check the number of votes they have received.

With the help of this app, you can share the candidates on the social networks and help and prove yourself to be a good citizen and work in the more conscious way during the elections. You will also get to follow the results of the election based on the location and also consult other elections as interest. Apart and in addition to all this you get to know the details of the state of that location.

Detailed Features:

By using this app, you can see the percentage of the candidates’ votes and also browse through the details of the candidates by position and by your favorites. Easily get to know the candidates who get elected and the ones who competed in the first and second elections.

You will also get to know which of the candidates were void in the election list. In exact real time, you will know the classification of the candidates for proportional positions such as federal, district and state. The users also get access to the results of the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic for both the National and State Coverage during the results finalization.

The app also helps in getting info about seeing the results of totaling and hence comparing the percentage and number through the charts. In addition to all these details, the app also helps to monitor and consult all the Federal Elections, State, and Municipal even of the last 2 years.

The last information by the user can be viewed even offline but for browsing In-app data, you would certainly require the net connection.

The Calculator App!

This app is really helpful for counting and keeping a track of all the election activities in one single place. Keep track of your favorite candidate and follow him throughout the election. Get to see who is standing against your candidate. Promote the candidates on social network easily and become a more conscious citizen of a country. It has never been so simple and easy to keep up with the election results as with the help of this election app 2018 elections.

Go ahead and download this app today to keep track of all the latest election happenings around you. Stay connected to the totaling of the results and be the first to know who has been on top and who has not. Get going and get started.

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