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Pixel 3 Camera Apk

You will never regret after you download the Google Pixel 3 camera APK of the latest version of the Google camera app. The new version of the app has some big UI changes and has also added new features to the older Google Pixel phones. The Google Pixel 3 camera’s main features like Top Shot and Night Mode are not included.

However, the new additions in the app are really useful. A great change is that the Google Camera app now supports RAW images which will be a great excitement for those people who really like to tinker with their photos. Also turn RAW support on in the advanced section of the settings menu. In addition to this, there is also another newly added option in this app, which is the face retouching option found in portrait mode.

Instead of turning the retouching option to on or off, the app gives you the choice to natural or soft. Unlike in the older version, the app directs you to create the panorama using arrows and not alignable dots. The app has made some changes to UI. It includes a new way to switch between camera modes. Similar to an iPhone, you can just scroll to the left or right in a menu above the shutter button to change to a different mode. There is also an option called “More” in the menu with functions like Photo Sphere, AR Stickers and Lens.

Pixel 3 Camera Apk
Pixel 3 Camera Apk

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So the new google pixel 3 camera apk has been officially launched and the new APKS are ready to roll in. A number of differences have been sported from the current apps on Pixels and Pixel 2s. The new pixel has an updated interface, RAW support, and a new panorama mode. So the first thing one will notice after opening the Pixel 3 Camera is the different interface. The smaller video button is totally missing and Google has added an Apple-esque carousel for switching to different modes.

Google Pixel 3 camera apk
Google Pixel 3 camera apk

You can also find a new zoom UI with a white ring around your photos and the color temperature icon has been tweaked. A really important option which was missing in the first place that is RAW Support is now found in the Advanced section and also there is a direct link to the RAW images. And finally, the annoying Burst settings are removed. The panorama mode has also been updated by Google.

The panorama mode is now much more optimized and the alignment part with dots is completely done away with. The stitching quality is much better than the previous versions. The panorama feature can also record sounds now. You only have to hit the small mic icon which is on the top left to turn on or off. For portrait photos, the focus slider has been replaced by the pop slider. To enter the Lens mode, one has to just simply long press the viewfinder.

Google Pixel 3 camera apk
Google Pixel 3 camera apk

To conclude, it is one of the best cameras on the Pixel line up of smartphones with amazing features and a great experience to live up. So why wait. Download the app now on your Pixel phones.

How To Download Google Pixel 3 Apk 

You are at the perfect place, here you can download google pixel 3 camera Apk, in this article below you will see the download button, so you have to click on that download button. and download google pixel 3 camera apk direct to your android mobile, after downloading you can use this application according to your choice.

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