What is needed to Start Reloading Press?

So, are you ready for reloading? For reloading press, you will surely need the reloading kit. In this case, before you start, get to know the reloading gears.

In this case, if you do not have all the reloading press gears, you will not be able to start the job. So, we are here with the stuff that you need to start reloading press.

Let’s jump right into the equipment for reloading press and get ready for reloading!

What is needed to Start Reloading Press?


The first thing that you will need here is the manual. If you do not have the manual, you won’t be able to start the reloading process. In this case, check if the manual is easy to understand or not. There are manuals that are very tough to understand.

If you are dealing with a tough manual, you can settle for the online videos of the manual. Those will show you how to get your works done!

Reloading Press

The thing you will need next is the reloading press. Of course, without a reloading press, how would you be able to start it? You can get reloading press in a variety of types. If you are a newbie then you can start using the single press reloading press. If you are a pro, you can try the turret press. If you want faster action, you can try to get the progressive press!


Primer is one of the most important gears when it comes to starting a reloading press. Your caliber may need a specific primer and so, you will surely need to settle for primers that you caliber supports. Go for the primer that suits best!


For resizing the primer removal along with the brass, you will need DIES. When you are dealing with dies, you can get the adjustable dies as they are amazing. On the other hand, you can have faith in the hand micrometer dies. You can also try the carbide dies. These sorts of dies are great for pistols.


For measuring powder charges, you will require a scale. You can get scales that help you balance beam types. You might also need digit scales. You can get any one of them to get the right measurement.

You might get confused about which one to choose. In that case, we must say that both of these are fine but if you want more perfection, you should try the digital scale!

Measuring Gear

If you are ready with your reloading press, you have to get some measuring gear for the perfect measurement. As here, you will need to measure small items; you have to be exact with the measurement. You will need a 6-inch caliper here. Along with this, you can get digital caliper or dial calipers to get the exactness!

Powder Funnel

When you are pouring the powder in the funnel, you might face some difficulties. In this case, you can use the powder funnel. This helps you a lot in making the work easier. These funnels are not very much expensive and you can get them easily.

Shell Holders

Your caliber will fit the case easily. On the other hand, to get the ability for loading, shell holder is necessary!

Wrap Up

So now that you know everything you need for starting reloading press, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is get your reloading kit and jump for starting the reloading work.

Before you start, go through the manual so that the whole work gets easier for you! Along with these, you might need some other gears too. But these are the basic equipment for starting reloading press! So, start reloading now!

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