How to turn off Amber Alerts on iPhone

The description on Amber Alerts

Ever wondered what an Amber Alert truly meant? This is an Alert that pops up in your phone to notify you of the danger of a missing person, with the purpose of making you aware of the presumed danger around. The US carriers have put in an utmost effort with the Federal Government in order for this alert to be pushed into every phone within the United State, in order to keep the citizens aware thereby bringing crime toa minimal rate.

The hopes of this Emergency Alert is for the hope that it would most likely help save a life or yours possibly. You need not worry about Amber Emergency Alerts if you are not in the United States, it only occurs within the region of the United State. This Emergency Alerts quite useful but the situation right here is, have you ever been in bed during the middle of the night when the Amber  Alert goes off, it’s far more annoying than a random person slapping you hard in the face. The Amber Alert wasn’t created for it to be at a minimal sound blast, its created for it to create awareness within as many people as possible, especially when you have a good speaker imagine how loud it could be.

You could be busy with some tasks or trying to have a quiet time when this Alert blasts on your iPhone or Android, at this point you might even be too frustrated to get rid of your phone, but think about the positive things that could happen with the aid of this Amber Emergency Alert going off on several peoples mobile phones, your country would be a safer place to live in.

How to turn off Amber Alerts on iPhone
How to turn off Amber Alerts on iPhone


Brief History On Amber Alert.

Amber Alert was created for the sole purpose of finding a missing child or person in general. AMBER Alert stands for Americans Missing Broadcast Emergency Response. This Alert was named after a girl child during 1996 she was 9years old, was kidnapped and killed. This Emergency Alert can be very Cryptic by unveiling hidden reports, like the vehicles plate number, the color of the vehicle even model.

How to turn off Amber Alert on your iPhone

Its obvious this Emergency Alert could be really annoying and distracting but it is still prominent and shouldn’t be turned off for whatsoever reason. The sole purpose of this alert is for safety reasons, and to increase the level of security within the country. This means highlighted down below would enable you turn off the Amber Emergency Alert

  • Firstly tap on Settings
  • Secondly, tap on Notifications, if you are using an older version of iOS it would show something like this Notification Center.
  • Now scroll to the button of the screen, you would find a category labeled as Government Alerts. In this section, both Amber Alerts and Emergency Alerts are set to be active by default.
  • In order to turn off Amber Alert move its slider to OFF/WHITE


If you followed this steps properly you no longer have to bother about Amber Alert going off any soon. If you are facing any problem you can ask me by using the comment section.


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