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Guys, as we all know that the pension income is the very essential source for those who get retire from their service. And one thing you must know that there are many formalities and paperwork that should be essential to get a pension. Now govt has launched an online application to the pensioners that they can use it for managing all the activities. app.

Govt of India going to launch an app which is Jeevan Pramaan, it is basically a biometric digital service by the govt for those who are receiving the pension after their service. There is the ex-service person from Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization that is able to use the benefits and facilities of this app.

When we talk about the total number of pensioners in India then according to a survey it was concluded that there are more than 1 Crore families who are receiving the pension from their ex-service. In these families, the pension is distributed by the different govt on the basis of their income and sustainability according to the service. app app

When we talk about the pensioners which are getting a pension from Central Govt then there are approx 50 Lakh pensioners and the same number of various State Govt, UT Governments, and different government agencies. In this, it includes pensioners who are getting the pension from the different public sector organization. Now when we talk about pensioners from Defence and Army then the number of pensioners are more than Twenty-five lakhs.

In the manner of getting pension on time from the govt there is must step that every pensioner have to perform and that is to give ‘life certificates’ to the authorized pension distributing agencies such as Banks, Post offices etc. and if you want to issue any life certificate then individual needs to present himself or herself in the Pension Distributing Agency. The Life Certificate also issue by the pension authority in which sector that person has served earlier.

By looking at the pension criteria the new service is going to launch by the Govt of India which is known by digital life certificate for those who are enabled to get pension and the app which is going to launch by the govt of India as “Jeevan Pramaan” which should be the solution of your this issue. With the help of this app users are able to use to digitize the process of securing the life certificate. The main idea of this application is to provide a life certificate and also it is tension free. Now the process of getting a life certificate to become much easier for the pensioners.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, hope you liked this article and this info will definitely going to help you to get to know about the Jeevan Pramaan. If you are liking this app or you are a pensioner then this app should be beneficiary for you. IF you want to download this app then you can visit to this website. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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