Sinav Mobile School – Educational Materials For And Concerning Street Children

Sinav Mobile School

With extendable blackboards, the Sinav Mobile School is a cart on wheels. It is a Belgian organization dedicated to improving the situations of street-connected children all over the world. The mai9n aim of the Sinav Mobile School is to discover and unlock the talents of street-connected children so they can get back their positive self-image and make conscious decisions about their own future confidently. At present, there are 50 mobile schools in 25 countries spread across the continents of Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The Sinav Mobile School comes with an extendable blackboard on wheels and has more than 300 educational panels from literacy to street business, to health and hygiene. These educational panels are attached on the mobile blackboard with plastic screws to be taken to the streets for non-formal and educational sessions. When the Sinav Mobile School reaches an area where the children live or work, the school slides open to a 6-meter long educational blackboard space and allow street educators to interact actively with the street youth.

How to Download Sinav Mobile School App

The software of Mobile School can be installed everywhere and it can be easily set up and torn down. Its elegant design can be used on sidewalks, parks, squares, and slums of the big city. It is fully weather resistant, so a freezing weather, tropical showers, and a burning Caribbean sun are a no problem for this Mobile School. As all the materials are attached to the board and cannot be removed, there is no fear of theft. You also get more than 300 educational games. The package comes with diverse themes. So this offers street children a wide range of basic education, literacy, creative therapy, health education, drugs, and AIDS prevention. In India, the Mobile School was launched in July. Children’s Hope India started a Sinav Mobile School to connect to areas in the outskirts of Delhi where children do not have an easy access to education. The project was in partnership with Salaam Balak Trust, an organization which works with street children. This team includes 2 teachers, 1 social worker, 1 coordinator and a driver with 172 enrolled children. The buses stop in each area for two hours with subjects like Math, Science, English, Hindi and Social Sciences. The teachers also play games with the children and a snack is also provided.

How to Install

The Mobile School software can be installed everywhere and also set up easily. It has a partnership with autonomous partner organizations all over the world. The school promises to help every child living or working on the streets, children on the move or children hanging around the street looking for educational materials and training to strengthen their work on the streets. India’s first Mobile School was first carried out by Prof. Sunil N. Runwal and Educationist Sachin Joshi. It is the first Mobile School working for the children who are deprived of education and are living in the slum areas of Nashik. The school aims to work for the betterment of society and education on the wheels.

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