The Conjuring House Game Download Xbox, PC, PS4 – Release Date – Full Review

The Conjuring House Game Xbox and PC

The Conjuring House is a game which is filled with anxiety and panics and terror. The game is more of a psychological horror game which has its players into the constant fear state.


The only mission of the game is that you SURVIVE! Yes, here you will come across many unseen scary creatures who will try all their best to take away your life, and your only aim is that you survive all this.

Mature Content Based:

This game cannot be termed as a game meant for all ages and also not for people at work.

The Game:

The paranormal game begins from the early 20th century which continues into an old abandoned Victorian style house which has got its own dark past. The players enter this abandoned house which seems to be filled with demonic activity.

The game at some point also appears to be so real that the players almost are filled with the anxiety and panic with the consequences that scar. As the players proceed, they are sent to the Atkinson House for investigating the unusual happenings that are surrounding the death of the owner which seems to be unknown to anyone.

As the player enters the house, he or she finds that they are just unable to leave out and are severely haunted by an incessant demonic woman who feels to be stalking them with murderous intent. All the demonic artifacts have to be destroyed in order to survive. The players need to be hyper-aware of each and every move they take, every twist and turn, as this woman is always hidden and ready to attack any minute of time.

This game is largely a simulator, whereas you walk in from one room to another room searching for keys and other objects in order to progress. Also, the difficulty of the game goes on increasing as you even have to be memorizing the layout of the mansion, and the locations of the safe rooms.

And as you find the safe rooms being the spot, all you need to do is to run in to and surprised to encounter an enemy to prevent an almost game over kind of situation.

System Requirements:

The mainly recommended features you need to have before playing this game are:

It generally requires a 64-bit processor and an operating system which needs to be Windows 7 which is about 64-Bits. The Processor should be Intel Core i5. Memory should be minimum of 8 GB RAM and the graphic can be of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 Go. Also required is DirectX of the Version 11.

The Storage needs to be of 10 GB available space and the sound card of DirectX Compatible. Also remember that the Supported Gamepads are Microsoft Xbox 360 Games for Windows (Wired), Targeting 1080p @ 60 fps.

Get It!

It truly is one of the best horror games which has the capacity to keep up the suspense and paranoia until the end of the game. So why wait for, go ahead and download it.

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